Dale Shaw Developer / Architect / Trainer

Well, I have been just about everywhere in IT in a career covering 40 years. My passion lies in solving problems.

After 23 years working on the SIGNZ product I am starting to scale back and look for a few other opportunities a bit closer to home.

About Me

  • Name Dale Shaw
  • Age 57
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Windows Applications

I have built a wide range of Windows applications in many languages - most receently in .NET 4.x, C#, WinForms but also in VB.NET, VB6, Delphi and others.

Obviously there is SIGNZ but also motel booking systems, job control systems, CRM, call tracking, patient management, invoicing.

Database Design

I have designed and maintained many transactional databases using SQL Server, Access, FoxPro for many years. Plenty of experience with triggers, views, stored procedures and databases functions for server-end processing.

I have also designed data warehouse databases using SQL Server. These provide for faster, simpler access to summarised sales and other data without having to access transactional databases and can combine data from multiple data sources.


I regard reporting as a strong point in my skill set. Plenty of experience with standard reports using DevExpress and Crystal. These provide the day-to-day fixed reports and template-based output (Contracts, Invoices etc)

I have also developed a wide-range of report viewing and template-based document-generation tools that can provide complex documents that can combine multiple data sources, multiple templates and template type, conditional logic and a whole heap more.

In addition is experience with BI tools and data-warehousing.


I have been a 'teacher' my whole career, providing lots of one-on-one training with co-workers and clients on our products and on other products.

I have taught a wide range of classroom course from introduction to systems admin through to advanced database management.

I am Microsoft Certified Trainer qualified in Windows Admin, SQL Server, ASP.NET, C#. VB.NET, SQL Reporting Services, networking essentials and a heap more.

The Rest

I am proficient in all sorts of things ... web services / APIs, comms, networking, data transformation, documentation, support and a whole lot more.

How do you write a CV for someone that has been self-employed for 30 years ?

How do you write a CV for someone that created a small application called SIGNZ over 23 years ago and has been working with that same application ever since ?

How do you explain a career that covers time from when computers had switches and blinking lights and paper tape ... right through until to now ?

Perhaps easiest described by:

many years ...

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